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Hello! We are Travis “Dean” Thrall and Dusty Asbill, and we had a concept: to connect with a life rooted in the land and its cycles. That’s why in 2022, we brought life to T&A Cattle, LLC. — a grass fed beef cattle business. And before your mind wanders, let me clarify — that’s Thrall and Asbill.

Dean, longing for a simpler life, and Dusty, with his unyielding entrepreneurial spirit and robust work ethic, created this business with their families. At T&A Cattle, raising grass-fed cattle isn’t just our trade; it’s our craft. With each sunrise, we’re greeted by the land we work and the cattle we cherish.What more could you ask for?

Producing quality grass-fed cattle is our goal. Cattle that not only thrive on our pastures but also provide families with healthier, more sustainable beef options. You might say it’s a daily labor of love, and you’d be right. From the best pasture grass for our cattle to our commitment to ethical, transparent practices, every decision we make is driven by the promise of excellence.

Our cows are spoiled. They bask in the Oklahoma sun, graze on lush pastures, and live without the stress that can come from traditional cattle farming methods. Don’t get me wrong; the cows might try to convince you they’ve never tasted a treat, but I assure you, they’re living their best life. Our journey in the grass-fed cattle industry is more than a business venture; it’s a life’s calling that we wake up to every day, and we invite you to witness this journey as it unfolds.

Our Grass-Fed Cattle Journey

In 2022, we, Dean, Dusty, and our families embarked on a venture that was more than just business; it was a calling. T&A Cattle, LLC was born out of a combined dream to raise cattle with a commitment to quality and the land that supports us. We specialize in grass-fed cattle because we believed in the benefits it offered, not just to our customers but to the environment as well.

From selecting the best pasture grass for our cattle to ensuring they lead stress-free lives, these aspects contribute to the superior taste and quality of our products. The farm has become a testament to these values. Our intuitive approach to animal husbandry, coupled with a firm belief in sustainable grazing, dictates how we manage our herd.

We do more than just sell cattle; we’re creating a tradition. With each passing day, T&A Cattle stands as a symbol of our dedication to raising the finest grass-fed cows, enveloped in a culture that cherishes the land and the life it fosters.

A typical day at T&A Cattle

We wake up to the chorus of moos instead of alarms. At T&A Cattle, each day brims with the pure energy of life. Our sunlit fields are more than just a workplace; they’re a testament to a time-honored tradition of raising grass-fed cattle the right way.

From ensuring our grass-fed cows feast on the best pasture grass to checking the health and well-being of every member of our herd, it’s the details that matter. It is believed that the devil resides in the details. Here at T&A Cattle, love is in the details. Each fence check, pond check, and research in bovine nutrition, is a silent promise to our cattle and to you, the customer: we settle for nothing but the best.

T&A Cattle, is a steadily growing venture, and every sunset marks another day we’ve expanded our knowledge, honed our craft, and connected deeper with the land that feeds us all.

Connect with Us Beyond the Pasture

We invite you to visit our website, TandACattle.com. Here, you’ll not only trace the outlines of our passion for grass-fed cattle but also spot glimpses of the life and love that sprout from our farm’s rich soil.

Anticipate the launch of our sales, where you can give your family the same quality beef that ours enjoys. Sign up for our newsletter to stay conversant with our growth, and be among the first to embrace the fruits of our labor.

In the tapestry of community and agriculture, each thread is vital. Thank you for considering T&A Cattle as a source for your grass-fed cattle needs. Here’s to health, happiness, and the promise of a shared future of pastoral splendor and integrity.


Dean & Dusty

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